Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Fallen Volume 1 Review

On his eighteenth birthday, Aaron begins to hear strange voices and is convinced he is going insane. But having moved from foster home to foster home, Aaron doesn't know whom he can trust. He wants to confide in the cute girl from class, but fears she'll confirm he's crazy.
Then a mysterious man begins following Aaron. He knows about Aaron's troubled past and his new powers. And he has a message for Aaron: As the son of a mortal and an angel, Aaron has been chosen to redeem the Fallen.
Aaron tries to dismiss the news and resists his supernatural abilities. But he must accept his newfound heritage — and quickly. For the dark powers are gaining strength, and are hell-bent on destroying him....
My Thoughts:

I chose to read this book because I was at the library and really wanted to get books and this was one of the ones that I grabbed. To be fair, the first line about him thinking he is going crazy, really was what caught my attention. Which could be taken in whatever way you wish it to be.

Aaron's introduction to this new world and everything that cames with it. He first of starts out hearing animals voices, and understanding different languages. Aaron had one of the more reasonable responses to finding out that he is half human, and the other half angel. He goes through some of the more fustrating character developments, and breaking point, with the death of his foster parents.

The thing about this story, is that things seem to be a bit more concerning, to be different and what is coming to kill them, and almost bystanding of godly powers.


4 out of stars

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