Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thor's Serpents Review


For fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the thrilling conclusion to The Blackwell Pages, written by New York Times bestselling YA authors, K.L. Armstrong and M.A. Marr.
Thirteen-year-olds Matt, Laurie, and Fen have beaten near-impossible odds to assemble their fellow descendants of the Norse Gods and complete epic quests. Their biggest challenge lies ahead: battling the fierce monsters working to bring about the apocalypse.

But when they learn that Matt must fight the Midgard Serpent alone and Fen and Laurie are pulled in other directions, the friends realize they can't take every step of this journey together. Matt, Laurie, and Fen will each have to fight their own battles to survive, to be true to themselves, and to one another - with nothing less than the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

My Thoughts:

What a conclusion, I have to say that I was not expecting the series to have three books, because when I first started this series I thought there were going to be five books. My reviews for the first two books are up on my blog, here and here.

Matt was such an amazing main character, and I was so interesting to follow him throughout these three books. He grew so much, from someone who would never want to be in the same room as Fen and Laurie, to someone who has them as his best friends. I really enjoyed seeing how he managed to get over everything that he had against his grandfather, and helping and forgiving him; I know for a fact that I would have trouble doing that.

Fen developed so much in this story, and I am satisfied that he was able to do so without seeming like he wasn't real. Like Matt he really got over his irrational dislike over Matt, completely due to who his family is and becoming friends. He was able to help his cousin and explain to the others, why he did what he did, and why he is no longer with them.

Laurie really matured and grew during this story, and with every little thing that she was doing, it was amazing. I want to see more about her magic, but yes, I am aware that some stories shouldn't be expanned if they doing have to. She really stop basing her opinions from those of others, and started to do her own.


4.5 out of 5 stars

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