Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hamilton Book Tag

So, Hamilton happened. I am a teenage Canadian girl who listens to Hamilton, fun. Anyways, if you haven't listened to please check it out and there might be a part two for this post, with  the bonus questions. So with that said, let's get started.

1. The Room Where It Happens: Book world you would put yourself in.

I am like the only person who is going to say this, but the Rick Riordan/the Percy Jackson world.

2. The Schuyler Sisters: Underrated female character.

I don't know, there is so many. Wait Maia from the Mortal Instruments.

3. My Shot: A character that goes after what they want and doesn't let anything stop them.

Every protagonist in every YA story.

4.Stay Alive: A character you wish was still alive (spoilers.)

Now, this is going to be a spoiler, well I think, Fred from Harry Potter.

5. Burn: The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you've ever read (spoilers.)

Spoilers, but Gus and Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars

6. You'll Be Back: Sassiest villain.

Sebastian Morgenstern from the Mortal Instruments.

7.The Reynolds Pamphlet: A book with a twist that you didn't see coming. (spoilers)

I am not going to share this.

8. Satisfied: Favourite book with multiple POVs.

The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

9. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: A book/series you feel like will be remembered throughout history.

Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, bam.

So there is the tag, I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you in my next one, peace!

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