Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sunkissed Summer Tag

So, today I am going to be doing a tag that has nothing to really do with books. Yeah, that's right, I, Kendra, a book blogger is doing a tag that has nothing to do with the content of this blog. So if you do not want to see the content of this post, I totally understand, with that stuff said, let's get started!

When did/do you get out of school?

My official last day of school this year was June 23.

Beaches or Pools?

I like both, but I tend to lean towards pools, since my best friend has one and it is easier to reach for me compared to a beach.

Are you going on any summer vacations? If not what's your dream summer vacation?

I am not, unless you count visiting family, but if I could chose a summer vacation, it would have to be going to Toronto, and see the city.

S'mores or Ice Cream?

Ice cream, but s'mores when I go to camp.

What's you most fun summer memory?

I don't mind is completely blank.

Does you skin tan or burn?

It does both, it tans and burns.

How do you wear your hair in the summer?

I pretty much just have more complicate hair styles but nothing too out of it.

Favourite nail polish?

I normally use a white nail polish on my toenails, but I am kind of going to try doing colours instead.

Would you rather spend a summer day outside in a pool or inside watching netflix?

Depends on the weather or whether or not my friends are there.

Sunglasses or hat?

Sunglasses all the way

What is your song in the summer?

I don't know, probably Demi Lovato's album Confident.

Do you have a summer bucket list? If so share some things on the list.

No, not this year.

Bikinis, Tankinis or One Pieces?

Either bikinis or tankinis.

Most have summer makeup product?

Lip balms, of course.

What's your favourite thing about summer?

No school, duh.

So there is the tag, I hope you enjoyed the post and I will see you in my next one, peace!

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