Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Inheritance of Ashes Review


Six months ago, the men of the lakelands marched south to fight a dark god.

Weeks after the final battle was won, sixteen-year-old Hallie and her sister, Marthe, are still struggling to maintain their family farm-and are waiting for Marthe's missing husband to return. After a summer of bitter arguments, Hallie is determined to get Roadstead Farm through the winter-and keep what's left of her family together, despite an inheritance destined to drive them apart.

But when Hallie hires a wandering veteran in a bid to save the farm, every phantom the men marched south to fight arrives at her front gate. Spider-eyed birds circle the fields, ghostly messages writes themselves on the riverbank, and soon Hallie finds herself keeping her new hired hand's despite desperate secrets-and taking dangerous risks. But as she fights to keep both the farm and her new friend safe, ugly truths about her own family are emerging-truths that-amid gods, monsters, and armies, might tear Roadstead Farm apart.

Leah Bobet's stark, beautiful fantasy explores the aftermath of the battles we fight and the slow, careful ways love can mend broken hearts-and a broken world.

My Thoughts:

I haven't seen anything about this book via booktube and the book blogging community, which is really weird for me since I do base the books I read on what people say and read. However I enjoyed this book, it had an interesting plot, and the idea about the story was very unique, with the hidden world and everything about that.

Hallie was a different, she wasn't also wanting to do the best thing for the area around her, but she mostly cared about protecting the people she loves and cares for. She also was very tired of doing so much work, and she learned to deal with it.

Marthe was very interested, she really did care so much about her sister, even though she was very harsh towards Hallie. I loved how she didn't let the fact that she was pregnant stop her from doing her part at the farm.


3 out of 5 stars

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