Saturday, June 18, 2016

Writing Update #2

So, I decided to make the writing updates monthly. The past week I am assuming that, as I am making this post, I am not going to be ale to work on Life After Death. Which when writing I be calling it LAD which usually is done by other people or those who have been published.

Anyways, the past week I have had my exams. And since I would prefer to not fail (let's pray that I am studying the beginning of the week) I am hoping to be focusing on studying.

I have finished Chapter 8. I was a long time coming but I am hoping to get into the more action fulled chapters in the next few months.

I have been listening to the same albums, Confident by Demi Lovato and of course my Matellica. My story is around 13000 words and I am hoping to reach 20 000 soon.

So that is my update, I hope you enjoyed this post, don't be afraid to share your projects and I will see you in my next post, peace!

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