Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Reading Goals

So, Summer is pretty  much upon us, and with that school is closed. With school having the almost three ,month break away, I get a lot of time to read. With that said I am going to be sharing to you, the goals I have for Summer 2016.

1. Read fifteen books.
I am hoping to read quiet a few books, just for the fact that in September I will be starting my first year at high school and I don't know how busy I could be.

2. Get at least five challenges completed.
My best friend and I are doing a reading challenge this year together and I would like to get a few more knocked down, I won't have to worry about it once school starts up again.

3. Join and take part in a new book club thing.
If you do not know, I take part in the Booksplosion and the Pureustobia book clubs/read alongs and since I don't always read the books it would be could to have another to rely on.

So there are my three Reading Goals for the Summer. If you would like let me know your Summer reading Goals below, and I will see you in my next post, peace!

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