Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Character Book Tag

Hey guys, it is time to do a tag. This tag is called the character book tag and with that said, lets get into the tag.

1. Who is the best kick-ass character?

Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. She is such a bad-ass, smart, beautiful female character. We need more characters like her.

2. Which character do you most dislike?

Umbridge from Harry Potter. She is such a birch.

3. If you could date any fictional character, who would it be and why?

Will Herondale. A) He likes to read, B) He is so sarcastic and C) He treats his love ones so well.

4. If you could change a character in anyway what would it be?

I don't think that any character should be change because they where written to help build the story.

5. What character to you made all the wrong choices that didn't add anything to the book?

I don't know. Most the time the author puts a character in to help make the story go, and I feel like if you think they are unnecessary to  the story, you are not looking deep enough in the story.

6. What character was the best villain whom you love to hate?

Queen Lavana from the Lunar Chronicles.

7. Favourite side-kick character with the most heart?

Grover Underwood from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. He was such a loving, caring, and funny character.

8. What is your favourite fictional romantic relationship?

Percabeth. It will have to be Percabeth.

9. What character did you think was the  strongest?

Black Widow. I thought she was strong from the movies she was in, but seeing everything that happened to her in that book and more was extreme.

10. Best protagonist?

Tessa Grey. I can't say anything other then her.

11. Who do you tag?

I tag whoever wishes to do this tag.

So there is the tag. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in my next post, Peace!

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